Thursday letters: Many refuse to live in Columbia

June 13, 2013 

— The gist of Warren Bolton’s May 30 column, “Small S.C. towns in perpetual crisis,” seems to be that the existence of small towns around Columbia is a terrible thing, and they eventually should be forced by law to be incorporated into the city of Columbia. Small towns are represented as inefficient and corrupt, and the solution to this is to bring them under the squeaky clean administration of the city of Columbia.

Unfortunately, almost all the problems attributed in the column to small towns are even worse in Columbia. Everyone knows that the financial mismanagement, dirty politics and shady dealing of the city would make Caligula blush. Small towns have their problems, but nothing on the scale of Columbia, and most newcomers to this area who have a choice do not choose to live there.

If forced to live in the city of Columbia, many productive people would not move into this area at all. Without the daily influx of workers into the city, it would soon be a ghost town. Are you really OK with that?

John Miles


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