Thursday letters: Let courts decide on Martin case

June 13, 2013 

I had hoped that in 2013 we who live here in the Palmetto State had moved past all the racial strife that holds us back. I was so heartbroken and disappointed in Roger G. Owens’ June 5 letter, “Trayvon Martin trial could inflame racial tension.” What a nasty, mean-spirited, racially divisive letter your newspaper elected to publish.

Mr. Owens implies that Trayvon was a peaceable, innocent teenager. Records obtained by media in Florida paint a different picture, and toxicology reports show that at his death he had marijuana in his system.

Some of us are willing to allow this case to play out in the criminal justice system in Florida. Or, like Mr. Owens, we can rush to judge — becoming prosecutor, judge and executioner.

I am one of those who wants to wait and let the trial play out with a competent jury that will be able to hear and see all of the evidence.

If George Zimmerman is found guilty, he will be punished.

There is much evidence about this case that has never made it into the national media, because it doesn’t fit into their agenda that Mr. Zimmerman is a cold-blooded, racist killer. I realize that national media companies have already convicted him. But I will choose to wait and see what the Florida jury has to say.

I still believe in America, our Constitution and our criminal justice system.

Mike Hicks


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