Friday letters: S.C. Lutherans make history

June 14, 2013 

— For the first time in S.C. history, an African-American woman, Jackie Utley, will pastor Ascension Lutheran church in the Eau Claire area of Columbia.

There was an unforgettable ordination by Bishop Herman Yoos and bishops from global companion synods of Japan, Colombia and Tanzania. Lutheran leaders emphasized that this ordination by acclamation during the Lutheran convention in Charleston was part of the continuing reformation rooted in Christ’s declaration in Acts l:8: “You will be my witnesses … to the ends of the earth.”

The Rev. Henri Bishop, the venerable S.C. Lutheran pastor to local and global missions expounded on the incomprehensible love of God in sending Jesus Christ to each of us in a world vulnerable to fear and faithlessness. Pastor Bishop emphasized that the gospel message of salvation ought to be the major priority and that this priority can be compromised by social issues.

The breakthrough Christ mission moments of this historical gathering were unforgettable and are a preview of coming promises fulfilled.

Albert Jabs


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