Sunday letters: That’s just what fathers do

June 16, 2013 

Father’s Day again, time for the family to get together to honor Dad. It’s time to grill burgers, franks and steaks. Time to catch up with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while. It’s time to enjoy a cocktail or two while munching on chips and dip. It’s time to enjoy the grandkids and laugh at their crazy antics. It’s time to hug them and love them and slip them a dollar or two for “whatever they want to buy.” A perfect holiday scene.

But where’s Dad? He’s out on the deck, the porch, the cement slab doing the cooking. He’s the one covered with sweat from the 90-degree June heat and the 160-degree heat off the grill. He’s the one wearing the silly apron which says, “World’s Grilliest Dad.” He’s the one preparing dinner for all those folks inside who are having a fun time with the air conditioning, snacks, grandkids and cool drinks.

He’s also remembering Mother’s Day. Did Mom cook and clean? Are you kidding? Everyone who’s now inside having fun went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Guess who got stuck with the bill?

Back inside after dinner as Dad finally gets to take part in the conversation, one of the children sidles up and says, “Papa, will you read me a story?”

I guess it’s going to be a great Father’s Day after all.

Jerry Emanuel


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