Monday letters: What’s the truth in Ninety Six?

June 17, 2013 

It is sad that Catherine Templeton, the director of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, is defending her department rather than addressing the confusion that attends to the recent tuberculosis outbreak in Ninety Six.

Templeton says that her department notified the school, Ninety Six Primary, in March, but Mark Petterson, “the superintendent/acting principal, missed it.” Petterson counters that he made 13 calls to DHEC, beginning April 8, to gather information for parents.

Surely, under the Freedom of Information Act, we have the means to check whether Petterson actually called DHEC 13 times, as he claims. And similarly, we can ascertain who was told at the school in March, as director Templeton claims, and why superintendent Petterson didn’t get the information.

Ms. Templeton operates her agency as she continues to live in Mount Pleasant, working some days from North Charleston, not from offices in Columbia. One of her first actions as the new director was to give salary increases to her top staffers. But no one works on weekends?

Could it be that Ms. Templeton, like her boss, Gov. Nikki Haley, is not going to let fact or truth trump politics?

Cermette Clardy Jr.

Isle of Palms

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