Wednesday letters: America very charitable

June 19, 2013 

I was deeply offended and saddened by the vitriolic and heated rhetoric heaped upon Christians in the June 9 letter, “Christians are not so Christian.”

Obviously, the writer has had some tough times but has failed to open her mind to others for help.

It seems as she accuses Christians of killing each other “in the name of Christianity”; she overlooks the obvious within her own religion. All religions have both good and evil within them. I am a Christian and have not harmed anyone(Christian or otherwise) and my church has and does come to the aid of many Americans as well as other nationalities, both domestic and abroad. We place no prior religious requirements on the aid.

This “Christian” nation known as the United States of America is the most charitable nation in history. Our government even borrows money that is sent to aid foreign countries. All taxpaying Americans help repay that money; most do not complain about it.

Compare the treatment of women in the Islamic faith to the treatment of women in the Christian faith, and you have a stark contrast to compare. Lastly, the writer is fortunate to abide in a country where she is free to speak so freely of anarchy. Millions of Christian Americans and other Americans have died fighting for her right to be so outspoken. It is called the Bill of Rights.

Cliff Blanton


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