Thursday letters: Obama’s problems are wide-ranging

June 20, 2013 

I agree with Llewellyn King’s June 9 column, “We are being savaged by the Chinese dragon we fed.”

The free trade policies that the United States is following with China play directly into the hands of that neo-mercantilist country.

Mr. King may also be right that the fate of the Obama presidency and the well-being of the world’s trading system will hinge on “how he stands up to China.”

But the Obama Administration has created so many additional problems for itself that it has a plethora of primary issues on which the fate of the presidency, the country and the world can turn.

Think about it: From the IRS targeting political opponents of Obama to widening the Bush-era NSA surveillance program to include all domestic telephone and Internet information, the Obama Administration has embarked on some scary policies with wide-ranging consequences and the potential to drastically alter for the worse the future of American lives.

Lawrence A. Howard


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