Friday letters: Road repairs must be prioritized

June 21, 2013 

— They are resurfacing the street in front of where I live. It’s .8 miles of U.S. 378 (Sunset Boulevard) from Augusta Road to 9th Street in West Columbia.

What is this costing me and the other taxpayers? Which of my tax dollars are being used to pay for this: federal, state or local? Where does this fall in the priority for the needed road repairs I have heard so much about over the past several months from the S.C. Legislature?

No one ever called or wrote to me and asked if I felt this road needed repaving. I never heard any discussion of how bad our street was.

No one ever showed me any prioritized list of roads either in South Carolina or the Midlands or even Lexington County that needed attention.

I wrote a month or so ago supporting an increase in the gas tax to pay for the repairs to South Carolina’s roads. It looks like those of my friends who immediately criticized me for supporting a tax increase without making certain it was for seriously needed road repairs were right, and I was wrong. My street didn’t seem to be in critical need of resurfacing.

Warner Wells


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