Friday letters: Homosexuality sinful, period

June 21, 2013 

I am an ordained minister, and I truly believe Robert N. Millings is wrong when he says in his June 11 letter that homosexuality is not a choice (“Boy Scouts made right decision”). It is very plain in the Bible that God hates this kind of disgusting sin. Yes, God loves the sinner, but this is a sin that God does despise.

In fact, God hates this sin so much that he says in Leviticus 20:13 that if a man commits this type of sin they are to be put to death. How much plainer can it get?

And before anyone can say I’m prejudiced, let me say that I have a close family member who is a lesbian. I love her, but I will never agree with her about this.

America has turned her back on God and started allowing all this sickening sin such as gay marriage to happen. But let me warn you, his holy judgment is on the way. When all the so-called married partners stand before him, I wonder what their excuse is going to be.

Thomas Daniels


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