Overview: What SC’s public officials earn

June 22, 2013 


    State Sen.

    Hugh Leatherman

    Did not disclose: $735,000 in state contracts awarded to a company Leatherman partially owns. Says he does not control the company and has no knowledge of its contracts.

    State Rep.

    Kris Crawford

    Did not disclose: $28,000 in Medicaid payments. The physician says he does not know when Medicaid pays for a patient’s care.

    State Rep.

    B.R. Skelton

    Did not disclose: His $22,900 legislative salary — $114,500 for five years — until asked by a reporter. Says he did not know he had to.

    Do you know....

    What state official received almost $30,000 in tickets last year, including $28,000 for football games? Find the answer here.

    What state senator’s business was paid $1.6 million by Medicaid and the insurance program for state workers? Find the answer here.

    What lawmakers reported the most money from public sources? Fine the answer here.

    A new database allows you to search your legislator’s public-sector earnings, businesses, travel and gifts.

    About this series The third in a continuing series in The State on ethics at the S.C. State House

    Today: Each year, state legislators and officials declare how much they earn from the public. However, their wildly inconsistent disclosures, filed with little oversight, make it impossible to say definitively how much officials earn.

Income and other benefits that S.C. legislators and the state’s nine constitutional officers earned from public sources, as reported in their 2013 statements of economic interest filed with the State Ethics Commission, and the House and Senate ethics committees

$7.4 million

Fees lawmakers earned from public agencies, including $2.3 million from the Workers’ Compensation Commission, where lawmakers appoint the commissioners and control its budget; $1.7 million from the state Medicaid program; and more than $737,000 from local governments

$4.5 million

Legislative salary and benefits

$3.7 million

Property owned by lawmakers that benefited from public improvements. More than half of the total is from state Sen. Tom Davis, R-Beaufort, who listed his $1.1 million home in addition to his other properties, because he said it benefits from public water and sewer lines

$2 million

Salaries and other income that 54 lawmakers – or their family members – earned from jobs in state or local government

$1 million

State and federal retirement benefits that lawmakers and their family members reported. State law does not require lawmakers to report their retirement income, but many did it anyway.


Services and other items lobbyists bought from lawmakers. The largest was the combined $147,905 paid to state Rep. Kenny Bingham’s engineering company by the S.C. Research Authority, the University of South Carolina and Lexington Medical Center.


Gifts, the largest being $28,940 from 10 people who let Gov. Nikki Haley use their suites at Clemson football games


Travel, the most expensive being the $24,451 that Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign paid for Gov. Haley to campaign for him

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