Sunday letters: Do all schools need officers?

June 23, 2013 

— So having law enforcement officers at all elementary schools in the Columbia and Lexington area will thwart a future attack by a deranged gunman. Really?

What about the hundreds of school bus stops all across the region? Couldn’t a gunman just hop on a bus to take aim at 50 helpless, encapsulated children? We better arm all the bus drivers.

Or what about EdVenture or Riverbanks Zoo? There are no metal detectors at either place. We might need to give the zookeepers elephant guns.

Maxcy Gregg pool is full of children in the summer; we might want to convert some of the lifeguard chairs into prison-style watch towers.

But as you are scanning the horizon awaiting the heavily armed, face-masked stranger to attack, please be more vigilant of your jealous ex-boyfriend, your schizophrenic stepson and your government-hating father, not to mention your 4-year-old son who just found a loaded handgun in your bedside drawer. For they are all statistically far more likely to kill you and/or themselves with the guns that were obtained legally. Just look at the statistics; any caveman can do it.

Peter Beaudette


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