Monday letters: Democrats dodge truth, justice

June 24, 2013 

Watching the dog and pony show put on by the Democrats in the IRS hearings reminded me of the Benghazi hearings. One Democratic congressman admonished one of the people abused by the IRS because they picketed an abortion clinic. Another gave a long speech about Newt Gingrich being fined for misusing funds when he was speaker of the House. And yet another brought up situations during the Bush administration that supposedly involved a church that was treated unfairly.

What they failed to mention was that an election was coming and the tea party people wanted to fight what they saw as a constant barrage against the rights of the people from the Obama administration. What they failed to mention was that those targeted were denied their right to form a group to challenge the Democrats, which also denied them their First Amendment rights.

Being an independent voter not affiliated with either party, it is plain to see that justice and truth matter little to the Democrats. The modus operandi of the Democrats is to do the side shuffle to distract the public from the charges they are guilty of. That is all that one sees and hears during these so-called hearings to bring justice to the aggrieved.

Gregory J. Topliff


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