Watch historic USC tree come down

June 25, 2013 

Calvin Briggman, of Pioneer Tree Service, watches as the last large base of an oak tree on USC's Horseshoe is pulled off after being cut. (1:25 p.m.)


All that remains of the giant historic Live Oak on the University of South Carolina Horseshoe is sawdust.

The more-than-century-old tree was cut down over the course of three days after it was declared a danger to pedestrians.

According to Tom Knowles, an assistant director for facilities, it was an “agonizing decision” to remove the tree, which had been damaged by a lightning strike about five years ago.

As crews worked with chainsaws, and a crane capable of lifting 10,000 pounds, onlookers made photographs. Amy Gilbert picked out a few branches during her lunch break to have a walking stick made for her 83-year-old dad, who is a USC graduate.

The enormous logs and limbs will be treated at a sawmill so they do not dry out.

The university is making plans to use the wood. Possibilities being discussed include coasters, furniture, picture frames or plaques.

ONLINE: Watch the process of bringing down the tree by clicking here.

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