Wednesday letters: District 5 board censors critics

June 26, 2013 

— A shot across the bow has been fired by entrenched powers of the Lexington-Richland 5 school board, warning that any who would dare challenge their decisions or ask for justification and supporting information regarding those decisions will suffer heavy consequences.

After being elected by Richland County voters, Kim Murphy represented our district competently and, shockingly, had the temerity to request details of expenditures and that such information be made public. The leadership of the board strongly opposed her.

Finally, those in power on the board came up with a brilliant idea: Someone (I wonder who?) discovered that there are some irregularities in Richland County’s boundaries and maybe, just maybe, Kim Murphy, who was challenging the secrecy of the board, really didn’t live in the part of the district she had been elected to represent. Sure enough, Ms. Murphy’s property was found to be in Lexington County. And to think that, for all those years, Lexington County had allowed Ms. Murphy to pay taxes to Richland County.

Now that Ms. Murphy has been discharged from the District 5 board, the leaders have decided that she can be used as a warning to those who would dare challenge its decisions.

Beware, those who seek details and accountability from this school board. It has ways to silence you.

Eugene Biernaski


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