Wednesday letters: No one obeys all of the Bible

June 26, 2013 

I read Thomas Daniels’ Friday letter, “Homosexuality sinful, period,” and it was sad to see a “preacher” use one part of the Bible to attack a group of people. Using his logic, America is going to hell also because women are not being stoned to death for not being virgins when they get married and because they are allowed to speak at church. Both of these things are condemned in the Bible, yet they seem to always be ignored.

With the education and knowledge we have now, it’s embarrassing for someone to maintain that homosexuality is a choice and you’re not born that way. Sad.

If you’re going to use the Bible as your weapon to discriminate against a section of our population, please use the entire Bible and go after everyone who is not obeying every single statement in the Bible. Don’t just pick and choose. Otherwise, you would be judging others, and I’m pretty sure that too is against the Bible.

William Hall


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