Results of General Assembly votes on Haley vetoes

June 26, 2013 

South Carolina Capitol Building

South Carolina State House

Gov. Nikki Haley issued 81 budget vetoes Tuesday evening, which are listed below. The SC House overrode 53 of those vetoes June 26, and the SC Senate took up those overrides June 27. We've updated the outcome of those votes below.

Reload this page to see updates. Use the scroll bar to read all the vetoes. You also can search for keywords by using your browser's search function (press CTRL-F on most browsers to get a search bar). To read Haley's messages to the General Assembly attached to each veto, scroll below the grid, where we have included those documents.

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What the colors mean

House sustained; veto is sustained
House overrode; awaiting Senate action
House overrode, Senate sustained; veto is sustained
House overrode; Senate overrode; veto is overridden

The veto messages

See Haley’s news conference about her vetoes below these documents

General appropriations vetos

Capital Reserve Fund vetoes

Video: Haley’s veto news conference (afternoon of June 25)

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