Thursday letters: Columbia not a desirable place

June 27, 2013 

— John Miles’ June 13 letter, “Many refuse to live in Columbia,” spoke out for small towns near Columbia. I agree. Columbia used to be the All American City. Not any more.

Greed, shady deals, broken politics, mismanagement of finances and a lack of accountability are only part of the Columbia-Richland County problems. The county elections director wasn’t fired for incompetence. The transit authority won’t tell us how it is spending our money. Hospitality tax money is being spent on items not pertaining to tourism, as is required.

Richland-Columbia leaders do what they want without any thought for the taxpayer. Mayor Steve Benjamin wants you to believe we need a strong mayor. Why try to fix a wheel that is not broken? Greed is the answer. Columbia annexed along a railroad track to grab taxable land in the Harbison area. Greed at its finest.

I say corrupt greed.

I’m too old to start over, but if I were younger — and I hear this from my friends constantly — I would move away from Richland-Columbia. It is not a desirable place to live for the common taxpayer. But it’s a great place for politicians.

Tim Shealy


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