Friday letters: It’s time to save our seniors

June 28, 2013 

— According to Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell, who oversees the Office on Aging, seniors’ biggest concern is staying in their homes until they die. This makes their golden years better and is far less expensive on the taxpaying public and on their families.

Yet rising property taxes and fixed incomes force many seniors to choose what meal they skip or what medicine they go without to make ends meet. Don’t you think it’s time to help our seniors with their end-of-the-road income and not tax them beyond reason?

I’m planning to introduce a bill that freezes property taxes on primary residences once the owners turn 70. Every five years, they’ll get an additional 25 percent discount; once they turn 80, the county won’t be allowed to auction off their property if they can’t pay their taxes.

I believe this could create a healthy mindset for seniors. Nearly all seniors vote, and if we market this bill properly, we can make it successful. I need your ideas, your letters to the editor, and there needs to be a full-fledged campaign to pass this and protect those of you who have worked so hard to make our state the great place that it is.

Rep. Don C. Bowen


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