Sunday letters: Social Security a benefit, not a right

June 30, 2013 

Social Security is indeed a federal benefit program, not “earned income,” as Frank Kline asserts in his June 10 letter, “What did they do with our money?”. Consider the following:

My grandfather joined the program when it was first introduced. He made payments to the system for about a year and then retired. He received benefit payments immediately. His first monthly payment exceeded the amount he contributed the previous year. He collected benefit payments until his death.

If a husband with young children dies, his children are eligible for Social Security payments until they reach the age of 18.

If the elderly parents of a legal immigrant are brought to this country, the parents are eligible for Social Security payments without ever paying a dime into the system.

If a husband and wife work for 40 years each and retire together at the age of 65, then go on a vacation and both die in a car accident, what happens to their “investment”?

The system keeps it, except for a burial payment of $250 each.

Everette E. Tompkins


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