Monday letters: End bonuses for public employees

July 1, 2013 

How can we save taxpayers billions? Simply stop all state and federal bonus programs. We pay people to do the job; to give them bonuses is paying twice. In my mind, that is misappropriation of funds.

I am 63. When I started work, you were expected to give your best every day. If you didn’t, they got someone else. I thought it was fair then and still do. Today’s state and federal workers have the mindset that if they do less and are ineffective, they will be paid more and someone else will be hired to help them. That attitude appears to be right based on what is going on.

There are other ways to reward a person for what was once called outstanding work. Try offering time off as incentive. It would not cost anything additional, and since most of them are inefficient anyway, this would reduce inefficiency since they are not there. With federal and state workers having the day off, you and I would feel better when something doesn’t get done.

Steven Samonsky


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