Friday letters: Better safe than overly private

July 5, 2013 

Video cameras on street corners do not bother me; nor does the fact that someone is monitoring my phone calls. I have nothing to hide. I am not the least bit concerned that it takes a little longer to get on a ship or an airplane because someone has to X-ray me and my possessions. I consider being blown into little pieces a greater invasion of my privacy.

I don’t worry about an IRS audit; I pay taxes on all my income and would like to know that everyone else does. The problem is not with the IRS anyway, but with lawmakers who write tax laws that are so nebulous that they are almost impossible to enforce.

Then lawmakers, to impress voters, hold hearings calling people like the head of Apple, who stated, “We pay all the taxes that we owe.” The Apple executive told the truth, and the reason Apple does not pay a fair amount is that those same lawmakers have passed special tax breaks for it and other corporations that pour money into their campaigns.

Also, I will not be hag-ridden by Supreme Court decisions that tear at the moral fiber of this country. The reason? I pray the Lord’s Prayer, and a part of that prayer is “Thy kingdom come.”

Maybe these recent decisions will hurry his return, and then all things will be rectified.

William R. Geddings

West Columbia

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