Columbia man charged with July 4th hit-and-run in Lexington

July 5, 2013 

Scott Kenneth Brannon

Scott Kenneth Brannon


— A 31-year-old Columbia man was arrested Friday following an incident Thursday night that left a block of Sunset Boulevard in Lexington in the dark.

Scott Kenneth Brannon of Ronnie Street, Columbia, is accused of fleeing from a traffic stop and in the process running into another car, and a utility pole, the Lexington Police Department said. Power was knocked out in the 5600 block of Sunset Boulevard after the utility pole was hit.

A Lexington Police officer pulled the car driven by Brannon over shortly after 9 p.m. Brannon allegedly sped away, maneuvering around two vehicles in front of him, hitting another vehicle and then running into a utility pole. He was last seen crawling from his vehicle and running from the scene, authorities said.

Around 1 p.m. Friday, Brannon was spotted on Sunset Boulevard within 3 miles of the original stop. After Lexington authorities deployed a dog unit , a citizen reported seeing the suspect hiding where he was taken into custody.

Brannon was charged with two counts of failure to stop, leaving the scene of an accident, failing to obey a police officer , operating an uninsured vehicle and not wearing a seatbelt.

-- Rachael Myers Lowe

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