South Carolina 2013-2014 nonrecurring spending detail

July 6, 2013 

AgencyProject Amount Location
Health and Human ServicesMedicaid Program $104,947,565.00 Statewide
State TreasurerLocal Government fund $29,999,999.00 Statewide
EducationInstructional materials $22,667,978.00 Statewide
Department of RevenueRepayment of Loan Authorized by the B&CB on December 12, 2012 $20,170,000.00 Statewide
CommerceDeal Closing Fund $12,677,766.00 Statewide
Budget and Control BoardConsumer Protection and Statewide Cyber Security Improvements $10,000,000.00 Statewide
EducationSchool Bus Lease and Purchase $10,500,000.00 Statewide
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationCATT Program/ReadySC $7,538,694.00 Statewide
Department of RevenueImplement Tax Processing System Improvements $7,533,374.00 Statewide
AgricultureFarmers Market $7,060,000.00 Lexington
CorrectionsBroad River Sewer System Upgrade $700,000.00 Richland
Education Transportation - Fuel and Bus Parts $6,426,188.00 Statewide
Health and Human ServicesNursing Homes - Rate Increase $5,000,000.00 Statewide
CommerceBusiness Incubator Program $5,000,000.00 Statewide
Budget and Control BoardDivision of Information Security (24 FTEs) $4,840,508.00 Statewide
DSS Child Support Enforcement System Development $4,287,779.00 Statewide
Education4K Statewide at Risk Phase In - Districts with 75% + Poverty (Senate & Conference 5 FTEs) $4,120,000.00 Statewide
MUSCTelemedicine $4,000,000.00 Charleston
Corrections Deferred Maintenance $3,635,000.00 Statewide
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationCentral Carolina Technical College - Advanced Manufacturing Technology Training Center $3,500,000.00 Sumter
CommerceDeal Closing Fund $3,322,234.00 Statewide
Palmetto CenterPalmetto Center - Rebuild Facility - Fire and Life Safety Issues $3,000,000.00 Florence
Clemson PSAAdvanced Plant Technology Lab $3,000,000.00 Florence
Lieutenant GovernorFamily Caregivers $2,999,999.00 Statewide
CorrectionsSecurity/Detention Systems and Equipment $2,542,000.00 Statewide
USCOn Your Time $2,500,000.00 Richland
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationManufacturing Skills Standards Council Initiative $2,500,000.00 Statewide
University of CharlestonScience Center $2,000,000.00 Charleston
Forestry CommissionFirefighting Equipment $2,000,000.00 Statewide
AgricultureTobacco Master Settlement Agreement - Marketing (Per Statute 11-49-55) (Tobacco Securitization) $2,000,000.00 Statewide
Francis MarionHealth Sciences Building $1,750,000.00 Florence
DNRInformation Technology - Phase II Upgrade Software and Equipment Replacement $1,725,000.00 Statewide
Law Enforcement Training Council (Criminal Justice Academy)HVAC System $1,682,032.00 Richland
The CitadelCadet Accountability System $1,500,000.00 Charleston
Coastal CarolinaScience Center $1,500,000.00 Horry
DHECBest Chance Network and Colon Cancer Prevention Network - Proviso 34.44 $1,500,000.00 Statewide
DNRState River Basin Study $1,500,000.00 Statewide
State LibraryAid to Counties - Per Capita $1.25 $1,341,395.00 Statewide
Attorney GeneralTobacco Master Settlement Agreement - Diligent Enforcement/Litigation $1,253,000.00 Statewide
ClemsonStudent Career Opportunity Program $1,000,000.00 Pickens
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationMidlands Technical - Quickjobs Program - Equipment $1,000,000.00 Richland
CommerceBusiness Incubator Program $1,000,000.00 Statewide
CorrectionsStatewide Paving $1,000,000.00 Statewide
CorrectionsInmate Security and Support Vehicles $1,000,000.00 Statewide
CorrectionsCenter Pivot Irrigation System $100,000.00 Statewide
Legislative Printing & Information Technology SystemsData Center and Server Room $950,000.00 Richland
DMVADA Compliance $925,000.00 Statewide
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationPiedmont - Phase II - Laurens Advanced Manufacturing Center $909,000.00 Laurens
Department of TransportationTraffic Management/Richland Electrical Building Construction $875,000.00 Richland
PRTLake Greenwood Campground Electrical $800,000.00 Greenwood
DNREnforcement Division Vehicles $785,050.00 Statewide
LanderNational Center for Montessori Education $750,000.00 Greenwood
WinthropWithers/WTS Building Roof Replacement, Maintenance and Repairs $750,000.00 York
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationTri-County Technical - Oconee Workforce and Economic Development Center (1 to 1 Match) $750,000.00 Oconee
DHECOcean Water Quality Outfall Initiative $750,000.00 Statewide
DAODAS Keystone Alcohol and Drug Abuse Capital Improvement Rock Hill $750,000.00 York
SLEDLaw Enforcement Equipment $739,980.00 Statewide
SLEDVehicle Replacement $720,000.00 Statewide
Department of TransportationLexington County Maintenance Complex Land Acquisition $700,000.00 Lexington
Adjutant GeneralArmory Maintenance and Repair projects $650,000.00 Statewide
CommerceSC Council on Competiveness $650,000.00 Statewide
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationAiken Technical - Academic Building in Support of STEM and Engineering $640,000.00 Aiken
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationYork Technical - Main Campus Road - Health and Safety Traffic Flow $640,000.00 York
MUSCMobile Cancer Screening and Early Detection $600,000.00 Charleston
School for the Deaf and BlindEducational Technology $575,000.00 Spartanburg
PRTState Park Sewer Repairs - Santee and Table Rock $555,000.00 Pickens/Orangeburg
Vocational RehabilitationBasic Services - Case Services $500,000.00 Statewide
CommerceBase Closure Fund $500,000.00 Statewide
DPSVehicle Replacement $500,000.00 statewide
Department of Labor, Licensing, & RegulationUrban Search and Rescue (USAR) $500,000.00 Statewide
CorrectionsFood Service Institutional Equipment $489,357.00 Statewide
SLEDTobacco Master Settlement Agreement - Diligent Enforcement $450,000.00 Statewide
Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education Denmark Technical - Plant Funding for Science Building $435,750.00 Bamberg
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationGreenville Technical - Enterprise Campus Development $435,750.00 Greenville
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationHorry-Georgetown Technical - Culinary Arts Academic Building (1 to 1 Match) $435,750.00 Horry
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationTrident Technical - Infrastructure/Roads/Ramps and Information Technology $435,750.00 Charleston
USC LancasterDeferred Maintenance $400,000.00 Lancaster
MUSCRural Hospital Transofrmation $400,000.00 Charleston
MUSCInstitute of Medicine $400,000.00 Charleston
CommerceCommunity Development Corporation Initative $400,000.00 Statewide
Patriots Point AuthorityNational Flight Academy $400,000.00 Charleston
Prosecution Coordination CommissionCenter for Fathers and Families $400,000.00 Richland
Adjutant GeneralEmergency Management Program Improvemetns $375,000.00 Statewide
DHECHIV Prevention - Project Faith $350,000.00 Statewide
Department of RevenueTobacco Master Settlement Agreement - Diligent Enforcement $325,000.00 Statewide
Board for Technical and Comprehensive EducationTechnical College of Lowcountry - Transitioning Military Support and Training $318,000.00 Beaufort
Department of TransportationUpstate Salt Storage Facility $313,500.00 Greenville
University of CharlestonAvery Center $300,000.00 Charleston
DPSDeferred Maintenance - Roof Replacement $300,000.00 statewide
Department of TransportationCherokee Salt Shed Construction $260,000.00 Cherokee
DAODASMcCord Center Fire Safety - Alcohol and Drug Abuse $250,000.00 Orangeburg
DNRGroundwater Monitoring Clusters $250,000.00 Statewide
DNRCatawba/Wateree River Basin Study $250,000.00 Statewide
PRTKings Mountain Bridge Replacement $250,000.00 Cherokee
Secretary of State Boards and Commissions Database Project $250,000.00 Statewide
CorrectionsObservation Towers - Lee Correctional Institution $236,900.00 Lee
USC SC Child Abuse Medical Response Program $225,000.00 Richland
DSSChild Support Enforcement System Development $212,221.00 Statewide
Commission on Higher EducationUniversity Center of Greenville Infrastructure Development $200,000.00 Greenville
Archives and HistoryGLEAMNS - Benjamin Mays Historical Preservation Site - Capital Equipment $200,000.00 Greenwood
DHEC State Beachfront Management Plan $2,000,000.00 Statewide
DNROutreach Programs $200,000.00 Statewide
PRTAsbestos Abatement and Mold Removal $200,000.00 Statewide
Governor's School for the Arts and HumanitiesData Network Wiring $187,000.00 Greenville
School for the Deaf and BlindDistance Learning $185,000.00 Spartanburg
School for the Deaf and BlindRecords Management $175,000.00 Spartanburg
DAODASCircle Park Florence County - Alcohol and Drug Abuse $150,000.00 Florence
DSSPhyllis Wheatley - Donaldson Center Revitalization $150,000.00 Greenville
Department of TransportationSandy Island Boat Ramp $150,000.00 Georgetown
USC LancasterPairity Funding $148,000.00 Lancaster
Law Enforcement Training Council (Criminal Justice Academy)Replace Water Supply Lines Oldest Dorms $147,492.00 Richland
USC SalkehatchiePairity Funding $118,720.00 Allendale
Education Oversight CommitteePartnerships for Innovation $100,000.00 Statewide
University of CharlestonComputer Science Program $100,000.00 Charleston
Health and Human ServicesSC Health Information Network (Palmetto Project) $100,000.00 Statewide
DHECSC Bleeding Disorders - Premium Assistance Program $100,000.00 Statewide
DHECNurse Family Partnership $100,000.00 Statewide
DHECDonate Life SC - Organ Donor Registry $100,000.00 Statewide
DHECJames R. Clark Sickle Cell Foundation $100,000.00 Richland
Human Affairs CommissionComputerized Affirmative Action Management System (CAAMS) $100,000.00 Statewide
Department of Consumer AffairsLicensing Database Reconfiguration/Upgrade $100,000.00 Statewide
Department of TransportationLexington County Maintenance Complex Construction $100,000.00 Lexington
Secretary of StateDisaster Recovery/Image Digitization $97,800.00 Statewide
USC SumterPairity Funding $97,520.00 Sumter
School for the Deaf and BlindAudio Description Devices $65,000.00 Spartanburg
School for the Deaf and BlindAuditory Enhancement $65,000.00 Spartanburg
USC UnionParity Funding $59,360.00 Union
Archives and HistoryArchival Technology $56,957.00 Richland
Inspector General Office Infrastructure $52,565.00 Richland
DHECStroke System of Care Act of 2011 $50,000.00 Statewide
DNRInvasive Species Control Program $50,000.00 Statewide
Law Enforcement Training Council (Criminal Justice Academy)Purchase Netbooks to Replace Paper Testing $49,000.00 Richland
School for the Deaf and BlindStudent Response Services $40,000.00 Spartanburg
CorrectionsWeapons Replacement $40,000.00 Statewide
SLEDMaintenance Fees $30,000.00 Statewide

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