Sunday letters: DHEC right to stop subsidizing obesity

July 7, 2013 

— DHEC’s announcement that it will not only try to get soda banned from the food stamp program but also go after sugary drinks, candy, ice cream and snack cakes gives organizations like ours hope that we will finally stop feeding the obesity epidemic with our tax dollars. This and the American Medical Association’s classification of obesity as a disease may be the turning point in this epidemic.

Claims that limiting what can be purchased will cause more harm than good have no merit. The Women, Infants and Children’s nutrition program has a detailed list of what is allowed and not allowed. You cannot buy Gatorade, crunchy peanut butter or sodas on WIC, and there are even specific guidelines on milk, juice and cereals that are allowed and not allowed.

Not so once your kid turns 5; if you’re still on food stamps, we then don’t care what you feed your kids. What sense does that make? And what sense does it make that you can buy soda or candy with food stamps? Where is the nutritional benefit? Let’s not forget that the “N” in SNAP stands for Nutrition.

If you have limited funds to purchase food, then you can’t afford to waste any of them on foods that provide no nutrition.

We can lift up another generation by helping to feed them and their children more healthfully, or we can continue on the downward spiral that has left a third of adult Americans struggling with obesity.

Louis Yuhasz


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