Sunday letters: Legislators never intend to produce

July 7, 2013 

— Cindi Ross Scoppe and Warren Bolton are doing an excellent job of publicizing the Legislature’s failure to deal with the critical issues facing our state during its annual charade at the State House. In his June 28 column (“Lawmakers enjoying perks but failing state”), Mr. Bolton makes this telling comment: “many of the biggest problems that our state faces today were our biggest problems a couple of decades ago.”

The same is true of the four decades I have lived in Columbia, leading me to conclude that our elected representatives have no intention of addressing these problems. The legislative sessions are merely performances put on in accordance with the state’s constitutional mandate. To make it look convincing, bills are introduced and debated, only to be conveniently delayed until time runs out. This way legislators can collect their perks while doing nothing from year to year.

It would be instructive to see a ranking of state legislatures in terms of productivity. I suspect the results would show that our Legislature ranks near the bottom — just as our state does.

Elizabeth W. Oakman


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