Sunday letters: Bribery problem not limited to Africa

July 7, 2013 

— I was listening to President Obama’s talk in South Africa where he said that in some parts of Africa people cannot start a business, buy a home or do other things without paying a bribe. This is correct but not only in Africa; it is true worldwide.

Look at the United States, where a bill cannot get passed unless some of our politicians (the bribers) have their pork (or bribe, same thing) added.

I agree with the president (for a second time on something) that bribes should not be required to be able to do public or private business. He and other leaders should ban pork add-ons to bills being created and voted on in the United States.

I also believe that lobbyists should not be able to approach any politician in a one-on-one situation, for some bribe-like deal may come out of this meeting. Does it seem like this to you, our voters and citizens?

John H. Bethea


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