Monday letters: Taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize Bull Street

July 8, 2013 

— Here we go again — the taxpayer played for a patsy and fool. Columbia authorities expect to spend tens of millions of our dollars to modify the immensely valuable Bull Street property as part of the state’s sale of the property. And we hear that tired old justification that every taxpayer dollar will bring in $10 (or whatever figure they come up with) in benefits.

You know, usually when public officials speak, I figure from experience they are lying, but this time I actually believe them. I do think that many millions of dollars in benefits will accrue from the sale of the Bull Street land. The question is, to whom are these benefits going to flow? To a select group of businessmen and politicians, that’s who. The average city taxpayer will realize nothing from this windfall except an increase in his tax bill, one way or another.

The people in charge of our money must lie awake nights trying to come up with new ways to spend it, and we taxpayers, like sheep, follow along. What is it going to take to change this wretched situation?

Ralph Boineau


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