Wednesday letters: Republicans just don’t get it

July 10, 2013 

Congress Returns



I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I vote for whomever is best qualified and can best prioritize our problems. But it boggles my mind how the Republicans think they can get elected by being “experts” on social issues. Yes, social issues are important, but not nearly as important as 12 million people being unemployed, one in six Americans living in poverty and millions of families being foreclosed on each year.

The Republicans didn’t learn anything from their poor showing in the 2012 election. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said it best when he called on fellow Republicans to “stop being the stupid party.”

I know I probably will get some negative feedback from this letter, but it will probably come from Republican supporters, the people who have a job, a home and food in their refrigerator and helped put Mark Sanford back in office.

Lou Cardamone

West Columbia

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