Wednesday letters: Property taxes burden seniors

July 10, 2013 

— A big thank you to Rep. Don Bowen of Anderson for recognizing and caring about the plight of seniors who are trying to stay in their homes. The counties, Lexington being one of the worst, are trying to make up for poor management by taxing us out of our homes.

We are not asking for handouts; we saved well and watched it all disappear in 2008, along with the equity in our homes. With the rising costs of health care, utilities and food, we are budgeting to death, but when a county raises the assessment on a 25-year-old home to $120,000, when its value on Zillow is $100,000, it’s stupid. The insurance goes up, the taxes go up, the payments go up. And we lose our homes; then it costs everyone more.

Barbara Summers


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