Friday letters: Sister Mary Jacob was heart of Providence

July 12, 2013 

— The June 17 story about the 75th anniversary of the founding of Providence Hospital left out a very important person, Sister Mary Jacob Yelcho. She was the face of Providence for many years.

At Christmas, Sister Mary Jacob could be found delivering fruit cakes to many in the community. She walked the halls of Providence at all hours, checking on patients and staff alike. Once I wound up in her office discussing a difficult shift I’d worked as a nurse. She had two rocking chairs. I rocked in one as she rocked in the other. I will never forget her warmth and support as we talked.

Patients told me how much they appreciated Sister Mary Jacob and the other sisters who ministered to them. The sisters’ compassionate care knew no bounds and touched patients, families and staff.

The heart, soul and spirit of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, upon which Providence was founded, wasn’t really mentioned in your article. I know we would all be uplifted by a fuller presentation on the story of Providence Hospital and the sisters who made it a wonderful place of healing.

Sara Dent


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