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Fowler: Does Nike even know where Charlotte is?

sfowler@charlotteobserver.comJuly 12, 2013 

This T-shirt, since taken down off the Nike website, is geographically challenged. I apologize that the close-up view isn't clearer, but it shows the "NC" letters on a silhouette of South Carolina, along with a Panther logo in the S.C. silhouette.

An alert reader pointed this T-shirt out to me. He was surfing the Nike website this week, he wrote, and looking for new Carolina Panther stuff. He came across this odd T-shirt. It indicates that someone associated with Nike believed that the Panthers play in South Carolina. Or that North Carolina's silhouette looked like South Carolina. Or something. You can note if you look closely that there's a picture of South Carolina on the shirt, as well as a Panther logo, and there's an "NC" labeled on the S.C. silhouette in the top left corner.

I'm not quite sure what to think about this, except it's clear somebody messed up. Nike has taken down the direct link to the T-shirt, so you can't buy this anymore at The reader did purchase it before it was taken down, however -- for $32, no less -- and then sent me a backup copy of the picture that he got in Nike's official confirmation of his order (I had earlier checked the link, and it was indeed there for awhile). His Nike confirmation said the shirt was going to be shipped later, however, and he wonders if he'll ever get one now. I hope he does -- what a collector's item!

I have been in contact with Nike's media relations department and they are investigating what happened. I will let you know what they say when I hear back from them.

In the meantime, what do you think about this? Shouldn't everyone know where Charlotte is by now? This isn't the mid-1980s, after all, when we used to get confused with Charlottesville, Va., and Charleston, S.C., in the pre-Hornet days.

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