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Brooke Mosteller, Miss Mount Pleasant, was crowned Miss South Carolina Saturday night at Township Auditorium. Mosteller, a University of South Carolina law student, was also named Miss Congeniality.

Brook Sill, Mauldin Teen, won Miss SC Teen. She was crowned by her cousin, Sydney Sill, the reigning Miss SC Teen.

The winners will have a post-coronation press conference at 10:30 today at Embassy Suites.

STOLEN CROWN: On “Used to Rule the World,” the first song off Bonnie Raitt’s 2012 album “Slipstream,” she sings about a former Miss SC. The song begins:

“Doctor Feelgood/Sleepin’ on a concrete bench/Can I get a witness?/Miss South Carolina 1975/Somebody stole your crown,” Raitt sings.

Wait? Did someone steal Cynthia Anthony’s crown?

The verse continues: “You were sleeping/In your happy home/When you woke up baby/Your life had come and gone/Now you’re mystified/Standing with the rest of us/Who used to rule the world.”

"Slipstream" was No. 22 on Rolling Stone’s list of last year’s top 50 albums. It won a Grammy for best Americana album. So is Raitt a thief? Actually, Randall Bramblett is the culprit. He wrote the song.

And he doesn’t know Anthony.

“It sounded good,” said Bramblett, an Athens-based songwriter. “It just sings good. I like the way the date sounded.”

Bramblett, who released the solid album “The Bright Spots” in May, said “Used to Rule the World” is about people losing it and finding themselves down and out. He had no idea Miss SC was a hot pageant.

“I expect to get some notification,” Bramblett joked. “I wonder if somebody really stole her crown. Wouldn’t that be something.”

GOTCHA: After the top 16 for the miss and teen competitions were announced, two contestants got a surprise that they weren’t out of it just yet. Low Country Teen Kensey Jones and Miss Summerville Catherine Fox, both runners-up in the people’s choice voting, were allowed to continue.

THERE SHE IS: There was a heartwarming video tribute to Kimberly Aiken, Miss America 1994. Aiken was the first black contestant to win Miss SC. Aiken, who was one many returning Miss SC winners, received flowers on the stage. She was emotional, and the pageant’s host, Kirsten Haglund, also a former Miss America, got teary-eyed, too.

NON SMOKING: As the miss swimsuit contestants walked, there were machines shooting bursts of smoke from the wings. It was a bit much. The contestants were walking in bathing suits, not wearing helmets and running onto the field.

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