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Baxter: D-linemen ready to rise

scvarsity@sc.rr.comJuly 14, 2013 

Jim Baxter


THE DEFENSIVE tackle spot is not one of great depth, but all the ones we have pegged in this top 10 are solid prospects. Seven have Division I-A offers on the table.

Of our top 10 defensive ends, six have Division I-A offers.

Top 10 defensive tackles

1.Dexter Wideman 6’3278Saluda2014
2.Zeek Rodney6’0260South Pointe2014
3.Poona Ford6’1288Hilton Head2014
4.Naquez Pringle 6’1316Carvers Bay2014
5.Albert Huggins 6’2279Or.-Wilk. 2015
6.Daryus Gillsespie 6’0290Marlboro County2014
7.Kwamelle Barnes6’3315Saluda2014
8.Niles Pinckney6’2265Whale Branch2016
9.Keith Ford 6’2276Bluffton2014
10.Jalen Washington6’2250Dillon2014

Top 10 defensive ends

1.Shameik Blackshear6’5220Bluffton2015
2.Michael Barnette 6’7240Woodland2015
3.Andrew White6’4220Lakewood2014
4.Rasool Clemons 6’6200South Aiken2015
5.Michael Preddy 6’5240Porter-Gaud2014
6.Lasamuel Davis6’4215Bam.-Ehrhardt2015
7.TeReyvon Bryan 6’3240Whale Branch2015
8.Michael Taylor 6’1235Al.-Fairfax2014
9.Jontae Henry 6’2210South Pointe2014
10.Trayvay Hatten 6’3215Central2014

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