Monday letters: Republicans act like dinosaurs

July 15, 2013 

20080729 GOP elephant


Two conclusions can be drawn from the U.S. Supreme Court decisions supporting gay marriage and eviscerating minority voting protections.

First, congressional Republicans and their conservative allies on the court are dinosaurs who want to resurrect an era when homosexuals cowered in the closet and were afraid to demand equal rights under the Constitution. I can’t tell whether Republicans are more alarmed that gay marriage is accepted by most Americans or that it hasn’t elicited a wrath-of-God response of rivers turning to blood; frogs, lice and locusts covering the land and livestock dying from pestilence.

Second, as Texas is already demonstrating with its decision to tighten voter ID laws, Republicans will do everything they can to deny Democrats their voting rights, including constantly moving the polls, gerrymandering districts and refusing to accept valid college photo IDs. I hope the House Republicans’ impending refusal to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill will be the meteor whose impact drives these dinosaurs into extinction.

Larry Knight


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