Monday letters: NSA can spy all it wants, sort of

July 15, 2013 



All this talk about privacy and government spying by the National Security Agency is a bunch of hoo-haw. I don’t have anything to hide, so I don’t care who knows what.

Of course there are some things that aren’t anyone’s business. It’s none of my boss’ business what I do at lunch. The same goes for my minister.

That trip to Brazil was purely business-related, and that’s that. And as far as my wife is concerned, she already knows everything she needs to know.

My computer surfing history is private, and come to think of it, so is my cellphone record — including where I was and when I made the call. The sources of those campaign contributions are also my own business, along with the sources of all my personal income, my expense accounts and whether I use my company car only for business purposes.

But other than that, the government is welcome to any information it wants, just so no one pokes through my trash or taps my cellphone or my computer, and as long as the information collected doesn’t have anything to do with me. Only the bad guys need to be concerned about privacy.

Verne Pulling


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