Monday letters: Williamsburg needs a change

July 15, 2013 

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Williamsburg County is at a crossroad. Soon its citizens will have the opportunity to vote on how the county is managed.

Today a county supervisor is elected every four years to chair County Council, supervise departments and employees and implement policy. The supervisor is accountable to the voters, but what happens if that person is at odds with council or administers policy that is not in the best interest of citizens? There is no recourse until the next election. County Council can not fire a county supervisor.

We elect council members to represent our communities, to be our voice and make decisions for us. The council has little or no control over the management of departments. Most S.C. counties have a council-administrator form of government, which requires the council to hire a professional to manage the county’s day-to-day business, its departments and employees. The administrator is not a member of council; he reports to council.

Under the council-administrator form of government, the decision to negotiate with MRR Southern to build a mega-dump in Nesmith would have required council’s participation from the beginning, with greater public scrutiny, accountability and input. This makes county council more accountable for policies and decisions. Back-room negotiations and decision-making are reduced.

It’s time to bring good management to Williamsburg County. It’s time that citizens take back our county. Vote “yes” on July 30 to change to council-administrator.

Mary S. Davey


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