Tuesday letters: US leadership doing poor job

July 16, 2013 

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I was watching TV news recently and heard about cuts in defense spending, federal government furloughs, reduced benefits to military retirees and Social Security beneficiaries, reductions in health care and social services to the poor and elderly, etc. In almost the next breath, I heard about foreign aid to Egypt, to Syrian rebels, etc.

I am an average, patriotic citizen. I worked all my life (20 years in the Marine Corps), raised a family, paid my taxes and am enjoying retirement. And I am confused by what is going on in Congress and by the president, who seems to want to rule by executive order rather than to preside over the executive branch.

Why is it more important for our government to borrow money to give to foreign countries that are not even friendly toward us than to protect ourselves and to care for our needy, elderly, sick and homeless? In fact, why is it necessary for our government to borrow any money? Aren’t we taxed enough? Why are our troops fighting and dying for people who do not appreciate them, while Congress discusses cutting our military and benefits to the military and military retirees? Why are members of Congress more concerned with party loyalty and reelection than service to the people they represent?

Maybe I’m not supposed to ask the questions. But I fear for the nation we are leaving for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I wonder if this country can survive as an independent, democratic republic for another 100 years. The way we are being led now, I doubt it.

Robert L. Sargent

West Columbia

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