Wednesday letters: Sola energy would bring jobs

July 21, 2013 

20010705 SOLAR ENERGY2


— One of Columbia’s greatest challenges should be creating jobs for the thousands of college students who graduate every year.

USC, Midlands Tech, Benedict and half a dozen other schools create a constantly revolving base of about 50,000 graduates. Many finish their degrees with no jobs and wind up living with their parents with large student loans to repay. Leaving our city for jobs elsewhere is often the only option.

Consider the economic impact of having a young adult live and work here for half a century compared to attracting retired, empty nesters on a fixed income.

Our Legislature rebuffs a powerful technology for the future with its stalwart support of the large power companies. Solar energy businesses have been rejected repeatedly in their efforts to expand here. One need only look at solar energy jobs in North Carolina, a state that gets less sunshine than South Carolina, to see the opportunity we are squandering.

And then we read that South Carolinians are paying the highest electricity rates in the South. Absurd.

Peter Beaudette


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