Sunday letters: Only you can help country improve

July 21, 2013 



— In his Tuesday letter, “U.S. leadership doing poor job,” Robert L. Sargent asks: “Why are members of Congress more concerned with party loyalty and reelection than service to the people they represent?”

The answer is simple. The people they represent are not interested in government at any level. After 58 years of being in and around the political arena, I can attest to that very emphatically. To prove my point, I ask you to inquire of your friends and neighbors their opinion on the various goings on at all levels of government. Five will get you 10 that the answer will be, “I’m not interested,” or words of a similar nature.

The history of America will point out the highs and the lows, the good and the bad, but nowhere will you find any mass exodus to another country.

Smokey Bear says “Only you can prevent forest fires.” So it is with the future of the greatest country on earth: The obvious answer is — you.

Gene Deragon

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