Monday letters: Where is the other gun?

July 22, 2013 

As the Justice Department now considers a possible case against George Zimmerman, I am still hung up on a couple of small points that could come out when it uses its vast unbiased machine to investigate this case.

No adult came forward to say that the picture of a gun on Trayvon’s cellphone was his and that he showed it to a curious kid. No gun shop owner has stated that he showed him a gun. No friends of Trayvon’s have come forward to show us a realistic fake gun or tell us that they were just looking at their dad’s gun.

None of those things happened, and no one among the Sanford prosecutors seems concerned. Maybe now that everyone is crying for the feds to intervene, a competent investigator will find out which one of Trayvon Martin’s pals is carrying a loaded gun.

P.O. Brown


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