Wednesday letters: Judge people by their conduct

July 24, 2013 

When I read the Saturday article, “Obama on Trayvon Martin: That could’ve been me …,” I asked myself: How long will it take African-Americans to understand that a person, household, community, town, state and country will be judged by how they live?

The wheel of life spins on brains, not brawl. If an animal walks on four legs, wags its tail and barks, it is probably a dog. If a snake sticks its tail up and emits a high-pitch rattling sound, it might be a rattlesnake. All people, all races, all genders are judged by their conduct.

It’s natural to be suspicious. I am not going to change my behavior and will continue to click the lock, clutch and hide my valuables, keep a loaded gun and be very cautions of any group, race, creed, gender that exhibits uncivil, violent behavior. People do need to have a dialogue on behavior — especially the black community. And it needs to emphasize self-control.

President Obama needn’t sniff and shed crocodile tears, because I will not change. I will judge African-Americans exactly like I judge all races: on individual behavior.

Timothy Moss


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