Thursday letters: Thanks for the wake-up call

July 25, 2013 

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I would like to thank the state of Florida, the Sanford Police Department and the George Zimmerman verdict for awakening our righteous indignation at the systemic and clandestine evils so embedded in our nation and in the hearts and minds of a significant number of our citizens.

We were anesthetized by superficial tokens and symbols of success and equality while the festering and septic cancer of bigotry and racism surreptitiously planned our subjugation, murder and our ultimate genocide.

But now we are awake. Our eyes are opened to our true condition. We are stronger, wiser, more educated and more experienced than the first time we marched for justice and civil rights.

It is regrettable that it took the murder of one of our children to shake us from our sleep of complacency and apathy.

But thank you for the wake-up call.

Bishop O.W. Prince


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