Monday letters: Just who are the real racists?

July 29, 2013 

Are we ever going to hear the last of Trayvon Martin? It’s sad about what happened. But let’s be honest.

A while back, a young man named Carter Strange was beaten within a hair of his life in Five Points by a group of young blacks. I have yet to hear Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton raising Cain about that. And I have never seen our president condemn it. Even the Columbia chief of police at that time, a black man, said he did not see where it was a hate crime.

If it had been a group of white boys jumping on a black guy, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Randy Scott would have been screaming bloody murder about it being a hate crime. And then, recently, three black guys killed a white lady who was only trying to provide for her children. I don’t see any black leaders trying to arrange marches. Is it because she was white?

Thomas Daniels


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