Wednesday letters: What made America great?

July 31, 2013 



I’ve been pondering what inspired the passionate songs of patriotism that fill our hearts and minds in July.

Of course, it was the brave men and women who fought and died for our freedom. But it also was men and women who worked two jobs to get ahead, who sacrificed so the next generation could have a better life. It was people who were knocked down and got back up again, trying another way to survive and get ahead in a free land that rewarded courage and perseverance.

These pioneers of America gave up luxuries, saved their money, paid cash and took risks for a better future. If things didn’t go well, families pulled together; they didn’t split apart. Everybody worked, and people retired only if they lived so long they couldn’t work anymore.

People and families took responsibility for their lives, because there was no other choice.

Fast forward to today, and it it’s easy to see something has changed. We are not the America we used to be. Each of us is part of the answer.

So, next time you sing “America the Beautiful,” remind yourself of what made America truly beautiful. When you hear the “Star Spangled Banner,” remember that we are the home of the brave and courageously take action. As for “God Bless America,” it might be time to get on your knees and beg that God continues to do so.

Tom Dorsel


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