Thursday letters: Templeton good for DHEC, state

August 1, 2013 


— I am so thankful Department of Health and Environmental Control Director Catherine Templeton had the instinct to realize something was not right in the handling of the Greenwood County TB case, especially since it involved our children.

Ms. Templeton has approximately 3,500 employees working under her, most of whom she inherited when she took the position. I can only imagine she took it on faith that her employees would do what they were entrusted to do and follow the policies, procedures and laws in place to protect the people. It is my understanding and belief that once Ms. Templeton got involved, our children, teachers and residents got the resources and help they should have been getting all along, plus some.

My prayer is that a hedge of protection is placed around Ms. Templeton, which will allow her to continue doing what she is doing not only for the residents of Greenwood County, but for all the residents of South Carolina. Some of her decisions may not be popular, but they are the decisions many of us have been praying for: that our government employees would be held accountable for the jobs they have been entrusted to do.

Amy Hilley

Ninety Six

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