Friday letters: Tighten bail standards

August 2, 2013 


— The July 12 article, “Did police, prosecutors heed residents’ warnings?”, overlooked a third party who should be held accountable for Lorenzo Young being on the streets of Richland County. Who were the judges who granted him bail (especially the second judge) and allowed him to continue to lawlessly roam our neighborhoods?

Continually, we read about individuals who are out on bail committing crimes or causing accidents after having been arrested previously for the same offenses. Why? Would the judges be less inclined to put these individuals on the streets if they had to live near them?

That’s unrealistic, but there are two things that might reduce the number of offenders granted bail. The media should identify the judges who grant the bail, and there should be stricter guidelines for granting bail. Bail should be prohibited for anyone arrested for an offense while on bail. We deserve and demand better decisions from our judges, police and prosecutors.

Bob Massa


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