Tuesday letters: New school bad for traffic

August 6, 2013 

— How did Lexington County allow a new high school to be built in the Corley Mill Road area without having a study performed on the traffic that would be created on a two-lane road, and at one of the busiest intersections in the Midlands? We asked a Lexington County Council member why this was allowed and were told that the council could not tell the school board what to do.

However, if we were to acquire property in Lexington County and wanted to build a business, the county would regulate everything we wanted to do. Now the school board wants to pay for the improvements on this road for the traffic situation that it has created. What gives the school board the right to pay the cost of improving roads with the money that was supposed to pay for education? Is this legal?

Does not Lexington County have a program for road repairs, and doesn’t the state collect taxes for road improvement and repairs?

Butch Salters


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