Bank tellers admit to stealing $367K from Rock Hill bank

August 6, 2013 


— Two tellers at a Rock Hill bank admitted in federal court in Columbia on Tuesday to stealing $367,629 from the Wells Fargo branch where they worked.

Shawntae Lowery, 26, of Catawba, and Tina Shaneka Hall, 33, of Rock Hill, pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy to embezzle for the crime which spanned several months in 2012.

Between the summer of 2012 and December 2012, Lowery and Hall altered the labels (or currency straps) on $100 and $50 currency bundles in the bank vault and replaced the larger bills with $1 bills. During that time, they stole $367,629.18 from the bank.

Lowery and Hall could be sent to federal prison for five years each and/or fined $250,000, U.S. attorney Bill Nettles said. They will be sentenced Nov. 6 by U.S. District Judge Cameron McGowan.

Rachael Myers Lowe

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