Gabrielle Swainson’s mom ‘devastated’

ccope@thestate.comAugust 9, 2013 

— Elvia Swainson, the mother of Gabrielle Swainson, is devastated and crushed, said her pastor Marcia Bailey.

“She’s just trying her best to process this all right now,” said the Rev. Marcia Bailey, a pastor at Right Direction Church International, where Swainson is a member.

Swainson wanted her daughter to come home alive, Marcia Bailey said.

On Thursday, Marcia Bailey went to Swainson and spent about three hours with her after Sheriff Leon Lott notified her husband, the Rev. Herbert Bailey.

Other people from the church went to comfort Swainson as well.

“The whole church is hurting right now,” Marcia Bailey said.

A vigil that had planned for Aug. 18, a year after Gabrielle disappeared, at the church has been canceled. It was planned originally to pray and hold out hope that Gabrielle would be found alive, Herbert Bailey said.

A funeral or memorial service has not yet been planned.

For the last year, Swainson believed her daughter would be found alive “and now, all of a sudden she has to plan a memorial,” Herbert Bailey said. “She’s not quite there yet.”

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