Monday letters: Saga has reached comedic heights

August 12, 2013 

— The goings-on concerning state NAACP President Lonnie Randolph’s arrest is approaching comedic theater. He is arrested for creating a disturbance at a local cleaners and resisting arrest. For reasons unclear, the Columbia city manager raced to the cleaners in question. With scant knowledge of the facts, the interim Columbia police chief and the Richland County sheriff leap to Dr. Randolph’s defense. Columbia’s mayor publicly questioned the wisdom of the city manager’s actions. Whew.

Was Dr. Randolph under duress due to a diabetic condition or was he acting out in the cleaners? The arresting officers took him to a local hospital. That’s where the answer should lie. What was Dr. Randolph’s blood-glucose reading when he entered the hospital? If his blood-glucose reading was markedly high or low, he well could have had a negative reaction to Type-1 diabetes. If it was within normal parameters, something else may have been involved.

Tom Fincher


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